In 1980 became SISTEMAS IRRADIANTES SRL as a company geared to providing professional solutions in the area of Telecommunications.
With great experience in the design, manufacture and installation of support structures for all types of radio links and other critical loads, has positioned itself as a strategic partner of the largest telecommunications Companies and other Customers with special requirements.

Has a plant of 1300 m2 with 2 exits to different streets and 200 m2 of offices, located in the industrial area of Lanús, neighbor to Avellaneda and Quilmes, and accessible by Route. Also has a testing field reserved for future expansion of 70,000 m2 near CIR2 (Industrial Center Route 2) in Berazategui, Provincia de Buenos Aires.

SISTEMAS IRRADIANTES SRL, with 500,000 meters tower constructed, historically has responded to all types of applications and across the spectrum of Customers, while maintaining the same quality and service no matter the size or complexity of the request.

This flexible approach has enabled the Company to successfully overcome the constant challenges presented by technological markets.


Ensure that technology reaches the people to improve their quality of life.


SISTEMAS IRRADIANTES is a company that provides quality products and services, according to a broad market of large and small Customers, putting the focus on human values in their dealings with Customers, suppliers and employees, making it a good place where job performance.


We take care of our Customers.
No need or request of our Customers is small for us .
The high quality we offer is not negotiable .
We fulfill our commitments and we do not commit to work that we can not fulfill.
Seriousness and responsibility guide our actions.


Administration, Sales and Factory:
Chilavert 340
Lanús Este
Provincia de Buenos Aires
54 - 11 - 4246 - 7923 / 24










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